OUR FRIENDS IN CALGARY NEED YOUR HELP! On Monday, January 28th the Calgary City Council will be hearing the 2nd & 3rd readings of the proposed Shark Fin Bylaw, the final step which will bring a Shark fin ban to Calgary. From Shark Fin Free Calgary: "We need to show support to our City Council and applaud them for making such a monumental environmental statement on behalf of our beloved city! Opposition to the Shark Fin Ban has recently emerged and it is critical that we show our City Council that Calgarians remain resolute in their support of this issue!" People living in Calgary can make a difference for sharks.

PLEASE share this with everyone you know from Calgary.  Book the day off and come down to Calgary City Hall.  Bring as many friends as you can.

WE NEED ALL OF YOU THERE TO FILL THE SEATS WITH POSITIVE HAPPY FACES!  (Wear anything shark-y or something blue)

WHERE: Calgary City Hall,  Monday, January 28th
WHEN: Session begins at 9:30AM - at this time we do not know when this will be called in the agenda so plan to spend the day if need be

What if you can't make it?  

Please CALL your Alderman and tell them that you support this by-law!  Then get everyone you know to call too!!! Aldermen get thousands of emails but if you take the same time and make a phone call it is worth its weight in Gold!  

Click here to find out WHO your Alderman is - click on the below link and then your neighbourhood: http://www.calgary.ca/Aldermen/Pages/Ward-Offices/Ward-Communities.aspx. Once you know who your Alderman is call (403)268-2430 and ask for your Alderman.   (Expect to leave a message - you rarely get through the first time, but all voice messages are heard loud and clear!)

Background Information:

On October 15, 2012 Calgary City Council passed the proposed by-law banning shark fins through 1st reading.

A mandate was given to engage the community further via a public consultation meeting prior to the 2nd and 3rd readings to complete the passing of this new by-law.

Council members exceeded this requirement by participating in TWO public consultations and enduring unprecedented amounts of disrespect as a result.

Let's take this time to thank our members of City Council for standing up and doing the right thing.  Being there to show your support is the greatest thanks you can give.

Together, let's celebrate Calgary City Council's actions on behalf of all humanity, in the interest of long term sustainability through their efforts to help protect all eco-systems and the animals within them.

Thank you!

Shark Fin Free Calgary


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